Thought dump

April 21, 2011 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)

I talked to Andrea about all this earlier, so I’m not freaking out AS MUCH as I was earlier. But I’m still freaking out.

–Irritated at the Bursar’s Office. They’re e-mailing me, telling me that my account is delinquent because I haven’t paid them. However, it’s not MY fault that it’s taken them more than three weeks to actually get things going to finish negotiating with Sallie Mae and also switching all the financial aid that they give me to this summer. That’s on them. Sorry, but I submitted all my paperwork on time, before necessary actually, and don’t you dare tell me there’s nothing in your records of that.

–Irritated at World Endeavors because they’re giving me attitude when all I need is some information to get the internship registered with the university, though they should have been able to get me a fucking address weeks ago. Also irritated that they haven’t gotten all my visa information completed yet, when, I don’t know, I leave in six fucking weeks and at this point I will probably be DENIED ACCESS TO THE COUNTRY. Oh, and the best part? Everything’s shutting down for four days for Easter in England because they’re so religious. Even better? Next week, most if not all businesses will be shutting down for the royal wedding. And I need my visa paperwork done yesterday.

–Freaking out about jobs. Not sure what’s going to happen in the next six months. Should I get a job while I’m looking for a real job just to cover the bills? Even if it’s like, for three months?

–And what about a real job? Am I ready for this? Should I just get a desk job and wait until a reporter position opens up? Will I even be able to get into the Columbus market? Should I do news or go to PBS? Everyone’s talking about being flexible on where to go, but I already have a plan to move to Columbus, and I’m afraid I can’t get a job there. I mean, maybe I can wait for a year or so before being more flexible, but I’m scared. THE FUTURE FREAKS ME OUT.

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April 20, 2011 at 10:49 pm (Uncategorized)

So much sleeplessness.

I’m all whacked out of it, I can’t even think of anything to blog about today.

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Paper due in 12.5 hours

April 19, 2011 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

And I haven’t even opened the document today.

I’m so not in the mood. I slept after I got home from work today. I think it’s a combination of I haven’t slept, and also I’m mildly depressed because it is FUCKING COLD. It’s APRIL 19. IT SHOULD BE WARMER THAN SLIGHTLY ABOVE FREEZING.

I am considering the possibility that I do have seasonal affective disorder. This is why I need to move somewhere warm.

I preferably want to move to Florida one day. Gulf side, because the direct hurricane hit probability is like, 0.5%, and also because the sand is white and it doesn’t burn your feet. I mean… Florida in general though. I fantasize about moving to an area where I can work in a news station that covers Cape Canaveral and then I can go to the space center all the time fo’ free and do news stories there.

Also I want to move to Florida because it storms once a day, and then it’s over by dinner and back to being sunny.

I have to lose weight first though… or maybe just living somewhere warm will melt all the tummy fat away. Dear science: make that happen.


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April 18, 2011 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Today’s been painful.

I slept for five seconds last night–I’ve been having this really bad problem where I either can’t sleep or when I do, it’s nightmares, so that’s not been fun. Thanks to said not sleeping, I’ve been seeing things at the corners of my eyes. Lights, things moving, twitches… yay.

Then I had to edit my resume tape together. More painful things, because I hate looking at my old work and I hate hearing myself talk. (huh, I’m in the wrong hobby/career. I vlog, and I’m going into television journalism. Great!) That didn’t take too long, the longer part was figuring out how to make it into a DVD without going through iDVD and making it into a huge process…

I tried working on my paper on sustainable construction, and I got it up to about… 600 words. Out of the minimum 1500 required. Due Wednesday. But it’s so… dull. I mean, I can go on and on about the gathering of the materials and what it does to the environment, and it’ll get me to the minimum, but senioritis is kicking me in the head big time.

It didn’t help that the chair I was sitting in was broken, so I was sitting weird and now my back really friggin’ hurts.

Whine whine, fuss fuss.

I put out a plea for my friends here to celebrate my birthday with me a month early. I’m really hoping everyone can come. Part of me just wants to see everyone, and the other part of me is morbid and terrified to fly and is like “WHAT IF THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU SEE EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT AT ONCE BECAUSE YOU’LL DIE IN A PLANE CRASH!?”

I know. I know. But flying scares me.

And just think, now if someone doesn’t come and I do die,  they’ll feel terrible forever. It’s like I’m Jewish or something.

Okay, I’ll go to bed and stop offending everyone, already…

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April 17, 2011 at 9:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Today I did… many things. Things!

I did my laundry, I took pictures and put up a notice of the jewelry that I’m selling (woo, that’s the Project!), I started my paper for my climatology class, and I’m currently baking cookies!

Laundry was actually kind of terrifying. I go to a laundromat because the dryer in my building doesn’t work. angryface.jpeg. Anyway, I’m there and folding my clothes, and this woman has her baby with her, in the car seat/carrier, sitting on the folding table next to mine. The woman’s at the dryers, taking everything out and putting it away, the baby’s right there in her eyesight. Cool.


I panic FOR her, and for the baby, and I’m like, trying to position myself to keep guard over this child (who’s probably like, 9 or 10 months old at most) because there’s some strange people there, (including one shady looking fellow with a mustache who keeps looking over at the kid; YES I DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ALL WEARERS OF MUSTACHES) and I’m like, “OH GOD WHY DID THAT WOMAN JUST LEAVE HER KID???”

She came back though, it was a really big bag so I think she just couldn’t carry both the baby and the laundry, but OH GOD I WAS FREAKING OUT.

Anyway, I’m selling jewelry now over at my deviantART (I’ll be getting a proper online shop when I get back to the States in August), sooo…

I should work on this paper more…

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Hello six minute post

April 16, 2011 at 10:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I made a lot of icons today for various fandoms. I’ll be putting them up on my LJ later, but ahasdlkfjaweoijf;dl. So much stuff.

The end-of-year  party for my job was today. It was fun, we just hung out at our boss’s house and ate a lot. We also had a ‘raffle’, as in, the ACs threw everyone’s names into a box and gave out random stuff that was in the storage area and was mostly broken and/or not useful. I did win a perfectly good PS2 Slim, used once… so… uh… that’s going on eBay. Because I need money for this summer more than a PS2. Which, I already have one. So… yeah. Selling it. And I got a few old shirts, a really old Palm Pilot, and the blueprints to one of the buildings that got torn down.

I’m also working on a Project…

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It is still the 15th on the West Coast

April 16, 2011 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized)

What. What is this.

“Hey, let’s take every account of Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Matt Smith singing. And put it into an album. And then put it on iTunes. Yeah!”

Whovians are truly ridiculous, and I think that’s why I love this fandom.

Meh, not much going on, I spent a lot of the day really annoyed for no reason other than people just saying the wrong thing to me all day. It was just… bleh.  I don’t like being annoyed ALL DAY, but… oh well.

Ohay, back to Tumblr. It’s taking over my life. Help.

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D&D night!

April 14, 2011 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I forgot how much FUN D&D is!

We had to do a nerd outing for my nerd culture class; we put together a Dungeons and Dragons night down at the used bookstore/coffee shop. One of the grad students was the DM, and we had a really fun time. I ran an elven rogue character, I tend to prefer rogues or wizards. Knife throwing is more fun, and I get to be snarky.

The best thing was we just went weird with it. We started out in an underground, dungeon version of the coffee shop we were in. We decided to go after a primordial gazebo, in which lurked the evil vampire/warlock/sorcerer made of winning and tiger blood, Charlie Sheen. The gazebo was located in the land of Two Point Five Temples (the third one ran out of funding halfway through building). At one point, the tunnel we were in was oozing tiger blood, so they made me use the alchemy book I stole earlier to turn the blood into diamonds. Our wizard then put her light spell in all the diamonds to light the way, and we Bedazzled the tunnels. And I stole some.

The gazebo turned out to be made of lava. After we defeated Charlie Sheen, the gazebo’s lava went away and turned platinum. Inside was a giant red button, which the wizard insisted on pushing (it smelled of patchouli)… The gazebo grew dreadlocks, gave us some RedLine, and spoke to us in a Jamaican accent. Yay, we won!

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I has trenchcoat?

April 13, 2011 at 9:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I got a trench coat today! It is purple. It’s a sweet coat, even if it’s main purpose is to keep the rain off and ward off a small chill.

The biggest thing on my mind lately is London. I’m doing a lot of prep work, though most of it I can’t do until a few days beforehand. Right now we’re just worrying about getting my visa done on time and getting financial aid to actually fund it. Which means relying on a lot of other people, which I am not 100% in favor of doing. It’s not that I don’t trust other people, it’s just that other people don’t put priorities on things that don’t concern them. It’s annoying. It’s the same reason I don’t like group projects, people do the bare minimum that’s required, and that’s it.

I really wish that the internship people would just mail me the stuff I need, it’s not like I have a lot of time to get my visa processed…

BUT, fun things. So I’m working with a few people on a Doctor Who community to do a meetup while we’re over there; there’s several of us from the US who will be doing study abroad things, and none of us know if our roommates like Who or not. We’re going to go do the Doctor Who Experience exhibit that’s going on, since it’s way more fun to go squee with fellow fans than going by yourself. I mean, I’m sure it would be interesting to go alone as well, but again, more fun to go with people. So we’re going to try for a weekend in June. One girl in France will be getting to London the same time I am, so probably not that first weekend, but more likely the second weekend.

And I’m super excited about tomorrow, they’re releasing the schedule for the BBC Proms. I’m really hoping the Doctor Who concert is in July like it was last year, so I can go to that. (FIVE POUNDS. THAT BIT OF MONEY FOR A CONCERT BY MURRAY GOLD!!) I’m bouncing in anticipation, it should be up when I get up or get to class tomorrow morning.

Other than that, most people have just been giving me places to go to eat, some museums… A lot of outdoor markets.

I’m scared. But I’m really excited. But I’m scared.

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…..oh bugger

April 12, 2011 at 11:24 pm (Uncategorized)

There is a reason I haven’t been using Tumblr.

The reason is that fun new things are fun and new. And are exciting. And I use them. A lot.

And now I’m obsessed.



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