April 30, 2011 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, totally didn’t post yesterday. Not doing a “let’s do two to make up for it.”

Around 10pm I was like “Well… I should do it now before I forget.” And then I forgot.

Not much for today, I’m watching DBZ Kai and having some nostalgia waves. And also being all “Uh, wow, how did I forget how much of this show was standing around and making faces and weird grunting/gasping noises?” Yeah, budget problems! (also I really wish Caroline would stop making stupid comments about this show. She’s never seen it, so she really just needs to sit down and shut up. Or go to her room and write those papers instead of becoming one with the couch)

I’m also annoyed that I can’t go on Tumblr right now, because “Day of the Moon” already aired in the UK, so it’s all spoilerific right now. LiveJournal is kind of the same way, but they’re nicer about putting everything under a cut. Tumblrites aren’t as nice.

Doctor Who is supposed to be terrifying tonight. Augh. I wish I had my other sonic screwdriver for protection, but I’ve only got the one. Which apparently I won’t get back for another year. =P

And now I should actually work on my two final papers. One’s due on Wednesday, and the other by Friday. It’s weird that I’m like… basically done with school. I’m only counting this summer a little.

And if I don’t have an internship this summer, then there’s really not much of a point in taking classes this summer as well. =/ So… yeah. Still putting my emotions on an ice block right now. I can’t let myself feel anything for the moment or else I’m going to lose it. Big time.


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