April 28, 2011 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)

I hate this woman named April. She’s a character on Grey’s Anatomy. I mean, she means well. But good God, she’s… a little twit. An insensitive, crybaby, virgin twit.

Okay, her being a virgin has nothing to do with how annoying she is as a character, it’s more the driving plot point of how awkward she is around men.


So, still nothing on the London front. I’m feeling it slip through my fingers. Congrats to anyone who wished I couldn’t go, there’s a great chance I won’t get to go now and I’m fucked on graduating on time. You fucking bastard.

I’m working on a backup plan, but at this point there’s nothing I can do until fall. I can get refunded everything, and I will make the company refund me my airplane tickets.

I have until Monday until I can start crying a lot.

Until then, duct tape. That’s about all that’s keeping me together.


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