April 27, 2011 at 7:12 pm (Uncategorized)

I just made the worst pun in the history of all puns. It’s hilarious (and bad) in context, but out of context it doesn’t make sense. So there’s your Noodle Story for the day.

In other news, I’m sick to my stomach. Not about the bug I’ve had for the last few days (getting better, but I can’t seem to shake it all the way. Combo of a cold and sinuses, I think), but about this summer.

I’m afraid That Thing has happened again. I have this horrible problem wherein I talk about something I’m excited about, and then said thing falls through. A date, a potential boyfriend, a trip, plans to hang out… I’ll be excited and looking forward to it, and really happy… and then I’ll get a text. Or a phone call. A cancellation. A “Sorry, but…” etc. Some part fell through and now I can’t go. Something to that effect, you get it. About 9/10, this will happen.

I’ve learned to just not talk about things I’m excited about, or try not to look too forward to something, because then it won’t fall through. It’s stupid, I realize, but honestly when you have it happen so often that you get stood up or dropped or just plain are not able to go–and this isn’t something where I screwed up a part of the plan, this is always my things are in order and someone else drops the ball or whatever happens (I usually don’t know, I get upset and don’t find out, and I should just stop bothering to get upset at this point)–you figure out where the problem seems to stem from and you cut that part off.

The problem is, I can’t not talk to people about London. I’m required to. Other people are talking about my going to London–my parents to co-workers, family members, etc. People ask me if I’m excited and I have to give the impression that I am but that I’m nervous, while deep down I want to rave and scream about it. But I can’t, because then…

Well, then this happens:

Right now, I’m waiting on paperwork from the company. They should have had this done weeks ago. They have until May 2 to get me said paperwork so I can get my visa and not get denied access to the United Kingdom, and so that I will have somewhere to live and work this summer. (well… volunteer for experience)

May 2 is Tuesday.

If they don’t get me my paperwork by then?

I don’t know.

I’ve already spent a TON of money. I don’t think my tickets are refundable.

This internship is the only thing standing between me and graduation. As of Tuesday, it is 100% too late to apply for any other internship. As of right now, really.

If I don’t get this paperwork… I’m fucked. I’m stuck in school another semester. I…

I don’t know.

I’m just really hoping that for once, my awful luck about good things that happen to me doesn’t work. Please.


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