April 24, 2011 at 7:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Slugging through one of my term papers. Happy Easter to me.

I didn’t go home this weekend, what with ANO on Friday and Doctor Who last night, and then having one week left in the proper semester before finals. I kind of needed this time to actually work on things, and with gas prices being what they are… I didn’t feel that a less-than-48-hour trip would be completely worth it. So, I’m stuck here, I’ve got some chocolate waiting for me back in my apartment, and I’m working through the history of weather forecasting before I get to current forecasting problems later. (I might just do this first half, and then finish the latter half at a different point. This paper isn’t due until May 6. I don’t want to wait THAT long on it, but I have some buffer time)

This is the comfiest library chair ever, by the way. A rolling chair with some extreme bend and contorts to the way you sit.

Thanks to Steven Moffat being the CREATOR OF TERRIFYING THINGS, I had a hard time trying to sleep last night. It was difficult for me to turn off the lights. And when I did, I had a candle lit. But eventually I had to blow that out. And then I held on to my sonic screwdriver all night, and passed out more from sheer exhaustion than anything, and properly woke up around 2pm. Sleeping in the daytime is safer, if you wake up, you can see that there are no TERRIFYING THINGS THAT STEVEN MOFFAT CREATED in your bedroom.

I’m almost 22 years old, this should not happen.

I’m tired.


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