Thought dump

April 21, 2011 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)

I talked to Andrea about all this earlier, so I’m not freaking out AS MUCH as I was earlier. But I’m still freaking out.

–Irritated at the Bursar’s Office. They’re e-mailing me, telling me that my account is delinquent because I haven’t paid them. However, it’s not MY fault that it’s taken them more than three weeks to actually get things going to finish negotiating with Sallie Mae and also switching all the financial aid that they give me to this summer. That’s on them. Sorry, but I submitted all my paperwork on time, before necessary actually, and don’t you dare tell me there’s nothing in your records of that.

–Irritated at World Endeavors because they’re giving me attitude when all I need is some information to get the internship registered with the university, though they should have been able to get me a fucking address weeks ago. Also irritated that they haven’t gotten all my visa information completed yet, when, I don’t know, I leave in six fucking weeks and at this point I will probably be DENIED ACCESS TO THE COUNTRY. Oh, and the best part? Everything’s shutting down for four days for Easter in England because they’re so religious. Even better? Next week, most if not all businesses will be shutting down for the royal wedding. And I need my visa paperwork done yesterday.

–Freaking out about jobs. Not sure what’s going to happen in the next six months. Should I get a job while I’m looking for a real job just to cover the bills? Even if it’s like, for three months?

–And what about a real job? Am I ready for this? Should I just get a desk job and wait until a reporter position opens up? Will I even be able to get into the Columbus market? Should I do news or go to PBS? Everyone’s talking about being flexible on where to go, but I already have a plan to move to Columbus, and I’m afraid I can’t get a job there. I mean, maybe I can wait for a year or so before being more flexible, but I’m scared. THE FUTURE FREAKS ME OUT.

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