Paper due in 12.5 hours

April 19, 2011 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

And I haven’t even opened the document today.

I’m so not in the mood. I slept after I got home from work today. I think it’s a combination of I haven’t slept, and also I’m mildly depressed because it is FUCKING COLD. It’s APRIL 19. IT SHOULD BE WARMER THAN SLIGHTLY ABOVE FREEZING.

I am considering the possibility that I do have seasonal affective disorder. This is why I need to move somewhere warm.

I preferably want to move to Florida one day. Gulf side, because the direct hurricane hit probability is like, 0.5%, and also because the sand is white and it doesn’t burn your feet. I mean… Florida in general though. I fantasize about moving to an area where I can work in a news station that covers Cape Canaveral and then I can go to the space center all the time fo’ free and do news stories there.

Also I want to move to Florida because it storms once a day, and then it’s over by dinner and back to being sunny.

I have to lose weight first though… or maybe just living somewhere warm will melt all the tummy fat away. Dear science: make that happen.



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