April 18, 2011 at 11:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Today’s been painful.

I slept for five seconds last night–I’ve been having this really bad problem where I either can’t sleep or when I do, it’s nightmares, so that’s not been fun. Thanks to said not sleeping, I’ve been seeing things at the corners of my eyes. Lights, things moving, twitches… yay.

Then I had to edit my resume tape together. More painful things, because I hate looking at my old work and I hate hearing myself talk. (huh, I’m in the wrong hobby/career. I vlog, and I’m going into television journalism. Great!) That didn’t take too long, the longer part was figuring out how to make it into a DVD without going through iDVD and making it into a huge process…

I tried working on my paper on sustainable construction, and I got it up to about… 600 words. Out of the minimum 1500 required. Due Wednesday. But it’s so… dull. I mean, I can go on and on about the gathering of the materials and what it does to the environment, and it’ll get me to the minimum, but senioritis is kicking me in the head big time.

It didn’t help that the chair I was sitting in was broken, so I was sitting weird and now my back really friggin’ hurts.

Whine whine, fuss fuss.

I put out a plea for my friends here to celebrate my birthday with me a month early. I’m really hoping everyone can come. Part of me just wants to see everyone, and the other part of me is morbid and terrified to fly and is like “WHAT IF THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU SEE EVERYONE YOU CARE ABOUT AT ONCE BECAUSE YOU’LL DIE IN A PLANE CRASH!?”

I know. I know. But flying scares me.

And just think, now if someone doesn’t come and I do die,  they’ll feel terrible forever. It’s like I’m Jewish or something.

Okay, I’ll go to bed and stop offending everyone, already…


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