D&D night!

April 14, 2011 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I forgot how much FUN D&D is!

We had to do a nerd outing for my nerd culture class; we put together a Dungeons and Dragons night down at the used bookstore/coffee shop. One of the grad students was the DM, and we had a really fun time. I ran an elven rogue character, I tend to prefer rogues or wizards. Knife throwing is more fun, and I get to be snarky.

The best thing was we just went weird with it. We started out in an underground, dungeon version of the coffee shop we were in. We decided to go after a primordial gazebo, in which lurked the evil vampire/warlock/sorcerer made of winning and tiger blood, Charlie Sheen. The gazebo was located in the land of Two Point Five Temples (the third one ran out of funding halfway through building). At one point, the tunnel we were in was oozing tiger blood, so they made me use the alchemy book I stole earlier to turn the blood into diamonds. Our wizard then put her light spell in all the diamonds to light the way, and we Bedazzled the tunnels. And I stole some.

The gazebo turned out to be made of lava. After we defeated Charlie Sheen, the gazebo’s lava went away and turned platinum. Inside was a giant red button, which the wizard insisted on pushing (it smelled of patchouli)… The gazebo grew dreadlocks, gave us some RedLine, and spoke to us in a Jamaican accent. Yay, we won!


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