Foot is Asleeeeeep

April 6, 2011 at 10:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Hanging out in a computer lab, waiting for a certain SOMEONE to finish editing his long-awaited Doctor Who parody song video. I have his hat, and I’m holding it hostage. This would work better if he wasn’t holding my sonic screwdriver hostage. We need impartial negotiators if things turn sour.

Nothing really inspirational to talk about today. I’m too hungry to be like “Oh here’s an excellent segway topic to discuss something that’s going on in my life!” Nope. Hunger = decreased thought connections.

I guess I’ll talk about my She-Hulk moment of the other day. We’ve been having STUDENT LECTURE WEEK in my nerd culture/gender studies class (it’s a weird mix of women’s studies and pop culture, and it is AWESOME), and someone presented on feminism in Star Wars.

Star Wars, for anyone who does not know me, is probably my favorite movie saga ever.

Anyone who doesn’t know that would also not know that I actually LIKE the prequels (they have their faults, don’t mistake me, but so do the originals), and I like the character Padme Amidala.

Thus, my nerd!rage was invoked when the group attempted to force fake feminism and all these clearly-written-by-extremists articles were presented to us as the reading material for the day. All cited Padme Amidala as being this horribly unfeminist character just because she got pregnant and then died.


Well, a lot of it had to do with “She spent the entire 3rd movie crying and being upset that her husband wasn’t at home with her, and she was all under the control of her uterus and then she died because A MAN left her, HOW DARE SHE.”

Point 1: Feminism is about being able to make your own life decisions without being judged for them, ergo every article dissecting how characters are unfeminist are therefore unfeminist themselves.

Point 2: Did no one notice that there was a WAR going on in the 3rd movie? That began in the second? That was kind of a huge deal? That they were secretly married and had little time together to begin with, and then she got pregnant and had to hide it for most of the time, and then he was all off fighting a war for months with her at home and having little way to know that he was alive?

I don’t know, maybe my rather unique position as having BEEN that girl on the home front not knowing if he was coming home or not makes me biased towards this situation, but come ON. You wouldn’t be upset?

Also, there’s this whole thing where… SHE HAD TO DIE. Luke and Leia had no parents, they were adopted out and raised separately. Okay, she died of a broken heart, but come on. The man you love turns out to be this abusive asshole who is totally in favor of this dictatorship that you, as a galactic republic senator, are completely against? Really? I wouldn’t have wanted to live either. Everything I knew was going to shit.

Oh wait, it would have also been unfeminist if she lived and cared for THE CHILDREN, because heaven help a woman who goes home and raises her family.

RAWR. This only touches on it, but I could rant forever and ever on this particular topic.

Stop forcing your fake, contrived feminism on my Star Wars, biatch.


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