Uncomfortable (?) Realizations

April 5, 2011 at 10:12 pm (Uncategorized)

I used to be the most disorganized, messy person ever.

Now, I’m just the most messy person ever.

Okay, I’m getting better on that front too, but still.

College has taught me one thing: memory. (okay, two things: memory, and how to bullshit your way through an entire course and still get an A) It started with just writing things on Post-It notes and that way I would be able to actually remember the important things. With an entire row of Post-Its hanging in front of you (in varied, bright colors) for days at eye-level, you remember things.

The library sending me notices on when things are due and when they can be renewed also helped.

Memory evolved. I still don’t use a day planner, because I wouldn’t look at it every day, it’s one more thing I have to buy that I would never use (I barely used the free one we got every year in high school), and we have a syllabus for a reason. And then I got Windows 7, which has a wonderful little thing where you can put Sticky Notes right there on your desktop and remember little things, like “e-mail event coordinator” and “goddammit, stop eating that”.

Also, being in charge of a convention, and having to consistently remember to e-mail people about things made my memory better.

That also improved my organization.

For spring break, I brought home a giant file-folder with an 8×11″ legal pad inside of it, with all my files and necessities for my internship in London in it. My parents stared at me and were like “Who are you and where did you put our daughter?”

I have budgets lined out, I have LISTS OF THINGS TO DO, I have page upon page of reminders and updated progress and who else I need to talk to and what steps I still need to finish in registering everything. I have two pre-departure booklets, my passport, my international student identification card, my flight information (original and updated), my traveler’s insurance, extra copies of applications I’d previously sent in, and more checklists filed away. This is the most intense file folder you’ll ever see.

This has spread outside of my school-related activities. I’m looking into moving to a townhouse with a few friends later this summer. I’ve been researching and note-taking like crazy, keeping a large list of which ones look good, compared to ratings from other renters in these neighborhoods… Well, with all that, the decision has been narrowed down a bit, but still remains the joy of actually… looking at these places. However, it’s a bit of a ways from here, so only one of us is capable of actually doing the pictures/touring/question-asking. (yay finals and obligations). But between her organizational skills and mine, we should narrow it down to a good place to live. And then no one will be homeless. Yay!

To backtrack a bit, my note-taking hasn’t gotten much better. In fact, it has degenerated into the style my dad writes notes. Fill up a page? Okay, now start writing in every possible margin or blank spot.

So, maybe I’m not nearly as organized as I thought.


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