April 4, 2011 at 10:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I am fully aware that most of the things I complain about are what is commonly known as ‘first world problems’. As such, I suffer from a hefty amount of ‘white privileged guilt’, but at least I don’t have to tack on the ‘male’ to ‘white male privileged guilt’. Inequality has some benefits, I suppose. (I don’t even know… >__<)

Take, for instance, how I have been almost shaking from withdrawal in that I have not had a PDA since February 13. My PDA was my iPod Touch–a useful little device that sent and received all my e-mail, had a calendar attached, could get me internet access to find things I needed to know right then, had directions, music, and gave me Angry Birds. Said iPod Touch was lost and/or stolen and/or broken on that fateful February night after my car’s engine decided to break in six places and had to be rebuilt (again). AAA is incompetent, so they had me transfered through a few towing services (and they made me cry due to their incompetence and completely rude attitudes towards a paying member) and during this completely unsafe and illegal procedure, my iPod fell out of my pocket at one of the truck stops. Called said truck stops when I got back, asking if it had been turned in or found, but… Gone. Caputz.

That was fun, having to change about 90% of my passwords because they were all stored into an auto-login thing. I didn’t want to get hacked.

So, since then I’ve been all “AAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH” especially since I had that convention two weeks ago; prior to which I was basically living in my e-mail inbox fielding all sorts of questions, clerical issues, technical problems, and general have-to-get-things-done-before-con mentality. Being able to internet from wherever you can pick up a free signal is useful, and I became very lost and confused for a while.

But,  my mother was very nice; especially nice, since my brother’s iPod was stolen at a track  meet the week before mine went missing. She gave us our Easter baskets (minus candy) a month early, and now I have an iPod again. Yay! I think it’s a 3rd gen; we tend to go refurbished because it’s just as good, and also way cheaper for Apple products. (most products in general, really; I would buy an actual computer new, but most gadgets I have no problem being refurbished and a lot cheaper)

Now, back to getting my Angry Birds score to 100%. (I totally had Seasonal at 100% just before the old iPod went missing, THAT was irritating. More first world problems =()


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