The Swimsuit Incident

April 2, 2011 at 1:09 am (Uncategorized)

A funny thing happened last week.

I met an internet celebrity and his brother. And then took him to buy a bathing suit.

Don’t worry, I’ll start from the beginning. Rob made me promise to blog about this. So I shall.

Last weekend was the anime convention I help run, Animarathon. This year was the first year we were able to get a special guest to come and do autographs and a Q&A panel, like a big kid con. (we’ve been calling it a “big girl con”, because, well… 5 of the 6 convention heads are female.  Next year has an entirely female staff heading. And people don’t think girls are geeks or nerds, pft)

Said internet celebrity was one Doug Walker, of He and his brother Rob came and did their song and dance, and filmed their latest review, Baby Geniuses, during our con. They were wonderfully funny guys, very nice, probably the most easygoing guests I’ve never heard of in the con circuit. (many a big name guest will be the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS you will ever meet; con people talk. If you’re a guest, and you’re a douche, every other con in a region will hear of it one way or another, and not want to ever invite you) Doug and Rob just asked for hotel and plane fare, and we gave them a food stipend, and that was basically it. They just needed a ride to and from the airport, and they were perfectly fine with walking to the con, which was located about half a mile from the hotel we put them up at.


Well, let’s start off with Cady and I going to pick them up at the tiny little Toledo airport. We got there an hour early, because who knows with planes when they’ll get there, and hung around playing “Guess where the tourists are going”. This was sadly easy, as there were two flight options going out of Toledo: Chicago and Orlando. Wooooooo. We waited around watching the tarmac for a bit as well, and when the announcement came on that the 10:55 Chicago flight was taxiing to the terminal, we grabbed hands, squee’d really loudly, jumped up and down and got that out of our systems so we could behave like non-fangirly adults.

We collect Doug and Rob and their bags, and we’re making small talk and joking; they’re very friendly, we’re all on to sex jokes and teasing each other about ten minutes after introducing ourselves, it was a really pleasant experience. And then comes the 45 minute drive back to BG, and we’re still all joking around and laughing and making fun of everything. It was probably one of the most fun 45 minutes I’ve ever spent.

We get to their hotel, and it’s around noon at this point, and the hotel has to scramble to get a clean room for them–apparently check in wasn’t until 3pm, but I was like “So, what should I do with them until then? I mean, I know a few options I’d like, but let’s be real here.” so the hotel staff was very courteous in arranging a freshly cleaned room. Then comes the interesting part. The hotel staff starts listing off all the amenities in the hotel, and when she got to “pool”, Doug’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. He asked if there was a hot tub. They said yes. He said “Man, I forgot to pack a bathing suit, but hot tub sounds awesome right about now. Is there a store around here that sells bathing suits?”

They reply that yes, Meijer and WalMart should have their summer selections out now, and say that the closest is Meijer, about a mile away from the hotel. Now, it’s March. In Ohio. It was about 30 degrees, though sunny, but very windy that day. Doug is just wearing his suit jacket that’s part of his Nostalgia Critic costume over a t-shirt. He’s like “I mean, is it possible to walk there?”

For someone like me, who lives here, a mile to the store is nothing to walk. I’ve done three miles just to walk to the bank and back to work. It’s not a huge deal, especially since it’s flat. However, I felt, in my position as acting ambassador for ANO and as the vice-president, it would be rude to make him walk since I had nothing to do until 3pm. Also he would have had to walk over the I-75 overpass, and… yeah, it’s a bit busy. I said, “I can drive you, it’s not a huge deal. It’s just a quick there and back.”

So, we go and let them drop their things off in their hotel room. As soon as they leave the room, Rob starts laying in to Doug. “I can’t believe you’re making these poor college kids drive you to the store to buy a frickin’ bathing suit.”

At this point, he turns to me and goes, “You’d better blog about how you had to drive him to the store to buy him a frickin’ bathing suit.”

And so I am.

Rob’s ribbing him the whole time we’re driving over, and in the store; some comment was made about how I look exactly like one of their cousins, that was weird. Once in the store, Rob then tries to get Doug to buy one of the 7-12 year old girl bathing suits, and I’m like “Oh, I think the tie-dyed two piece would flatter your figure the best.” and Doug was all “Well… I’m just not sure.”

He ended up buying a pair of blue trunks. I didn’t catch the size, but he’s fairly tall and kind of beanpole-y.

So, we drove them back, gave them a list of the best restaurants in walking distance, and told them we’d send someone to pick them up later to tour the facilities for the con.

And thus, I took an internet celebrity to buy a bathing suit.


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