BEDA! Let’s start this off right…

April 1, 2011 at 12:11 am (Uncategorized)

…with DRAG! And burlesque!

Earlier this evening, I went to watch a feminist burlesque and drag king show. Don’t know what that means? It’s okay. I watched it and I’m still unsure.

I’m fairly certain that they meant to use female empowerment in sexuality to be political and challenge gender norms. And in some ways, it did. There were some very convincing kings (Dexter, aka Tiffi, would have fooled me overall if her voice wasn’t distinctly feminine; she was cute though, so I think I’ve found that I like feminine men. Um), and some sexual women. Most, if not all of them, are queer in some way. They all go by drag names, and it was an overall good time.

There was one act that was a dance to “Love the Way You Lie”, and it was a visual interpretation of the song. It was just as moving, if not more than, the song. (If you aren’t affected in some way by that song, there is something wrong with you. Or, you’ve been lucky enough to never have been affected by domestic abuse in some way/shape/form, be it yourself or someone you know) I kind of had goosebumps. Like… I can’t even describe it. (people think it’s weird that I love Eminem and I’m a white woman… obviously not the positives in his lyrics. His lyrics are probably the most powerful, affecting, and LEAST misogynistic of all the rappers out there. And hey, if he didn’t get all that out in rapping, he might abuse those daughters he loves so much, or might go on a killing spree.)

Another was a reading from The Vagina Monologues. The one about the lawyer who likes to make women moan. Dexter, the announcer was like “This makes me blush.” And then there’s me, never seen The Vagina Monologues, and I’m laughing my ass off at this pixie on stage thrusting her hips and moaning and basically having fake orgasms all over the stage. Apparently Dexter doesn’t read a lot of X-rated fanfiction, because that didn’t affect me in the least!

But, for the most part it consisted of what you’d expect for something with the word “burlesque” in it: a loooooooot of stripteases. I saw more tits and ass last night than I have since I graduated and couldn’t do synchronized swimming anymore. However, we didn’t have nipple tassles. There were a lot of those too.

The classy part about it was that they always saved the breast-reveal (nipples always covered by something) for the very end, so it was like “Boobs! And now offstage left.”

And for as many thongs (so much asscrack! So much asscrack!) as I saw… they were very stylish and classy in the front, and all the ladybits were covered.

Though apparently people like it when you lick shoes, because there was a lot of that. It was odd.

I enjoyed the fact that there were women of all sizes on stage. Women larger than me, women my size, women smaller. Curvy and flat, tattooed, hair everywhere or not… These women were completely at home with their bodies and were not ashamed to be stripping and flaunting on stage in front of at least a hundred people. It was a completely empowering experience for ME, a girl who has more than enough curves, to see girls bigger than I am on stage and having a fantastic time. I’m not saying it was my “thinspiration”, but at the very least it gave me a kick in the self-confidence arse. If they can be that comfortable, why can’t I?

If you ever get a chance to go see one of these, especially if it’s put on by Viva Valezz or any other LGBT group, GO. I encourage it. It’s a fan-fucking-tastic good time. Everyone is welcome, there’s no stops at the door, just go and have a good time. Shriek and holler, clap and whoop, and go buy yourself a drink. It’s a good time.


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