Harry Potter: How Could It Have Been Different?

February 7, 2010 at 12:58 am (Uncategorized)

I seriously hope I don’t have to put *SPOILERZ* here. If you’ve managed to not know what happens in book 7 for the last 2.5 years, you either just learned about the internet, or you actually don’t care about Harry Potter.

I’ve been thinking about how Harry Potter would have been different if he’d died at the end. Not just like “Oh, evil wins again, bwahahaha!”, but like, if he’d died simultaneously with Voldemort, or shortly after defeating him, or if he would have had to be sacrificed to defeat him. Y’know, like if he hadn’t come back after the Horcrux had been rid of and he’d had that super loose-end-tying-up chat with Dumbledore.

A LOT of us were terrified that Harry was actually going to die. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped at some point when he was heading into the forest. “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO HARRY CANNOT DIE NO NO NO NO NO.” And then he did. Sort of. But it was ok, because he came back to life.

So how would things have been different if he’d actually died at some point? Well, it’s fairly safe to assume that he would have died after defeating Voldemort. He kind of has the whole ‘serious main character’ clause acting for him. The only media form I’ve seen that goes against the Main Character Clause is Gurren Lagann, but there were other, equally important main characters to take Kamina’s place. (also, they had the whole ‘Love Confession Before Battle Clause’ working there; you tell someone you love them before battle, one of you will die. It totally pwns the Main Character Clause. There’s a reason Harry and Ginny weren’t together) With Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione really weren’t as up to scratch, nor were they prophecized, to defeat Voldemort as Harry was. I’m sure if push came to shove, they could have done it, with the others to assist, but they lacked the drive to that Harry had.

If Harry had died during or after the battle, how would it have gone? Well, most likely they would have memorialized him somehow, possibly with a tomb similar to Dumbledore’s, as Harry loved Hogwarts more than anywhere else. I don’t think they would have buried him in Godric’s Hollow, it doesn’t seem right. Probably everyone and their mom would have honored him by naming their children after him (or maybe just Ron and Hermione… they didn’t seem to have the memorial-naming complex that Harry and Ginny did at the end) (and Harry Weasley, versus Hugo Weasley… come on, Harry wins). Ginny would have probably found a dude who wasn’t nearly as insufferable or as much of a dunderhead as her other boyfriends, and everyone would move on.

Oh, and they’d finally get around to declaring a Harry Potter Day, since they didn’t do that the first time around.

How would it have affected your perspective on the series? How would you have felt re-reading it, knowing that in just a few years, this character we’ve all come to know and love would be dead? I know some people say he should have died, and Jo would have had the excuse of “Welp, he’s dead, so seriously guys there won’t be any more!” Would it be like knowing the future? Going back and reading again, you’d wish he’d done things differently, or wish this thing or that hadn’t happened, because he’d never have the chance to fix it?

But honestly, what do you guys think?


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